Cheap Berlingo!

I recently waxed lyrical about the qualities of the Citroen Berlingo (& Similar Peugeot Partner) Van, and then came across this offer, if you are in the market it’s worth a look.

It’s a Berlingo Enterprise (which means you get the 3 front seats, Air Con, Cruise Control and Touch Screen Radio) It’s also the higher capacity 850kg model which gets you the 90ps engine instead of the 675kg’s 75ps engine.

A year old, and having covered 16000 miles, probably an ex hire or lease van, it’ll still be under the Citroen warranty so no worries there. Effectively a new van for 9 Grand. Bargain!

It’s the kind of Van I’ll be buying when my current one expires, although I may hold out for the (hopefully) forthcoming turbocharged petrol version.

I have no affiliation with Arnold Clark (or any dealer for that matter) but I’d assume as a pretty major player in the Motor trade, they are a pretty safe bet to make a purchase from.



Fancy a DS3 for a year?

I think the DS3 is a funky little thing, a bit bigger than the competitor Fiat 500 and Mini, but still suitably ‘cool’ currently has a 1 year leasing deal for a DS3 ‘Chic’ at £158.27 a month, If you have yet to try the modern trend of car leasing, this is a nice short deal to give it a go.

£650 deposit and then £1740 over the year = £2390 for a years hassle free motoring.

Even if leasing isn’t for you (and its not for everyone), check out Ling’s website anyway, it’s awesome 🙂


More info on DS here




Best Value for Money New Car at the moment?

IF you are looking for a small car, there are some pretty good deals out there on the new Vauxhall Corsa at the minute, while pricing may look similar to a more desirable VW UP or Skoda Citigo, The Corsa can actually be significantly better value for money, for a start its bigger, which if you have ever seen the size of a VW UP!’s boot is a major plus point, is cheap to run and maintan, and the included spec on many cars is something bigger cars would lust after.

The car which took our eye was this Brand New (but Pre-registered) Corsa 1.4 Sting 3 door which had as standard:

Bluetooth Phone System

Cruise Control & Speed Limiter

USB Connector

As well as all the stuff you expect nowadays – Power Steering, Alloy Wheels, Electric Windows.

Not bad for a Brand New 7 Grand Hatchback! Some Higher spec models even now have Heated Windscreens, Heated Seats AND Heated Steering Wheels!!

This car was for sale with the Peter Vardy Group – Link