Cheap Berlingo!

I recently waxed lyrical about the qualities of the Citroen Berlingo (& Similar Peugeot Partner) Van, and then came across this offer, if you are in the market it’s worth a look.

It’s a Berlingo Enterprise (which means you get the 3 front seats, Air Con, Cruise Control and Touch Screen Radio) It’s also the higher capacity 850kg model which gets you the 90ps engine instead of the 675kg’s 75ps engine.

A year old, and having covered 16000 miles, probably an ex hire or lease van, it’ll still be under the Citroen warranty so no worries there. Effectively a new van for 9 Grand. Bargain!

It’s the kind of Van I’ll be buying when my current one expires, although I may hold out for the (hopefully) forthcoming turbocharged petrol version.

I have no affiliation with Arnold Clark (or any dealer for that matter) but I’d assume as a pretty major player in the Motor trade, they are a pretty safe bet to make a purchase from.



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